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Profile, *snicker*

Name: Dawn ( Please don't ask why I spelled it that way. I was in 7th grade at the time. No last name.)

Age: 20       Gender: Male

Ht: 5'7        Wt: 145lbs.

Hair: blue   Eyes: blue

Hometown: Ridgetown
Marital status: Single perv.
and always will be.

Bio:     A loser Hell'sGate Automatic specialist from a little place called Ridgetown on the planet Avitar ZX9 in the Solar System Vakmoore, Dawn has been befallen more than his share of bad luck. Orphaned as a child, Astrophobic, on the run from the Law. What else could possibly go wrong? Besides the fact that he can't drive? May be crashing into a spacestation and getting caught by the police because his lack of driving skillz Now he has to do some Community Service at the station he destoried. To Make things worse He has a Jack Ass partner that doesn't seem to take a liking to him very well.
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