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A list of those desktops with be kept here for safe keeping ^^. I can't have my front page cluddered now can I?

Dawn's wall paper. 2001, Oct 15th
Ineko's Wall paper.2001, Oct 16th
Bunny tile2001, Oct 17th

    Here is a couple of pics that I have done so far, I hope you enjoy ^_~.

XuXa's Works


02/07/2002um, Something I doodled?
02/07/2002separate comic page I inked in spar time.
01/15/2002Stripping Ineko!

Old: 01/15/2002dragon and chinese dude.
01/15/2002photo of my pet rat luna ^^.
01/15/2002new character, not in comic, Rinji.
01/15/2002same pic but with a little color so you can get an idea of how he looks.
01/15/2002more Rinji
01/15/2002yet more Rinji
01/15/2002partial inked debil XuXa pic I forgot to scan.
01/15/2002wow, rinji again.
01/15/2002funny sketch of udo! XD
01/15/2002inked udo pic
01/15/2002xuxa just for rpg.
01/15/2002somethign I was working on.
01/15/2002vacation! waltdisney #1
01/15/2002vacation! waltdisney #2
01/15/2002vacation! waltdisney #3
01/15/2002vacation! waltdisney #3 black and white.
01/15/2002Ineko number 9
01/15/2002kawaii chibi squall! XD
01/15/2002Dawn pouting with wrench in hand. ^^
01/15/2002cute widdle sea uchin
01/15/2002water fall
01/15/2002colored water fall
01/15/2002sketch of Dawn sleeping
01/15/2002top part of Ineko
01/15/2002bottom part of Ineko XD
01/15/2002weird sketch of Douglas.
01/15/2002some dude with a scarf? parts a character fight I did , unfortunately I dont have the parts the opponent drew ;.;.


12/10/2001Sakura, vagure sketch
12/10/2001douglas3 12/10/2001
10/1/2001 10/1/2001 9/10/2001 9/10/2001

9/10/2001 9/10/2001 9/10/2001 9/10/2001

9/10/2001 8/21/2001 8/21/2001 8/21/2001

8/21/2001 7/21/2001 7/21/2001 7/18/2001 7/18/2001

7/9/2001   7/9/2001   6/9/2001   6/19/2001

6/19/2001 6/14/2001 5/14/2001